About 4G Americas

4G Americas will advocate for and foster the advancement and full capabilities of 3GPP mobile broadband technologies, including LTE-Advanced, throughout the ecosystem’s networks, services, applications and wirelessly connected devices in the Americas.
4G Americas supports the ecosystem of mobile operators and vendors in North, South and Central America, and the Caribbean, as they evolve to next-generation HSPA+ and LTE technologies.  4G Americas is committed to working with government agencies, regulatory bodies, technical standards bodies and other global wireless organizations throughout the Americas region to advocate and educate for the successful deployment of 3GPP technologies, including allocation of appropriate spectrum and consistent, fair and effective regulatory policies.
These relationships include participation as a Market Representation Partner in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), membership in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (CITEL) of the Organization of American States, collaborative working agreements with GSMA, UMTS Forum, Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN), Centro de Investigación de las Telecomunicaciones (CINTEL) in Colombia, Cámara de Empresas de Servicios de Telecomunicaciones (CASETEL) in Venezuela, Association of Telecommunications Enterprises of the Andean Community (ASETA) and AHCIET, Ibero-American Association of Research Centers and Telecommunication Enterprises.
To unify the voice of the Americas, 4G Americas
  • Serves as a single, authoritative source for information for the benefit of telecom and financial analysts, the media, government and regulatory officials, operators and competitive stakeholders
  • Supports the 3GPP migration strategy adopted by the majority of operators in the Western Hemisphere from GSM-EDGE to HSPA-HSPA+ and beyond to LTE and LTE-Advanced
  • Promotes the ability of the 3GPP family of technologies to transform vertical industries
  • Engages in strategies to provide economies of scale for operators and vendors alike – resulting in better value for digital cellular customers
  • Advocates in regard to the issues and opportunities for next-generation mobile broadband technologies in the Americas
4G Americas recognizes critical wireless issues and opportunities requiring attention in the Americas and provides significant contributions by
  • Facilitating deployment of next-generation technologies
  • Providing technical recommendations on interoperability between second, third and fourth  generation wireless technologies and beyond
  • Advocating for beneficial spectrum processes, regulation, coordination and allocation
  • Informing media, analysts and regulatory bodies on wireless technology capabilities and developments
4G Americas is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.